WentChina is Hiring Part-time Authors

About WentChina

WentChina.com is a website that wants to build a great community platform for foreigners in China, including those studying in China, working in China, doing business in China, and traveling in China… there will provide guidelines and helpful information to make your life in China more convenient. and WentChina.com is divided into different sub-sites for different needs, such as edu.wentchina.com, work.wentchina.com, and visa.wentchina.com, you can find their links at the top of the site.

What does the Author do?

We will give you a theme (A title, to be exact), and you have to write a post about 1500-3000 words, then edit the post layout beautiful and SEO friendly, including setting H1-H2…H6, images, graphs, videos, set up URL and descriptions… Before you start, you should read this guide first, it is our standard, if you can’t understand the content, you may not suitable for the job, and you better not to apply for this job(But don’t worry, there will have more and more other jobs for you).

What Our Requirements

1, Know about China

You’d better have been in China for years and be familiar with China

2, Good at English and Chinese

Your English reading and writing must be very proficient and fluent, You must also be good at reading Chinese

3, Enough free time

We want to improve the content of the site as soon as possible, so we hope that you can complete the task within a certain time

4, Know how to edit posts

You have to know how to use the Rich-text editor and Block editor, if you are a blogger will be better.

5, Know how to write a post SEO friendly

You should be aware of how to be SEO-friendly during the writing process, if not, you should read this post again and again.

How much will you earn

About 150-500 RMB each post, when we post tasks, the commission of that theme will be displayed, and you can choose whether or not to claim the task.

How to be an Author and start writing?

1, Sign up

If you don’t have an account on our sites, you should sign up first and login in. The sign up button can be found in the top right corner of each page.

2, Apply for being an Author

After you sign in, go to fill out the Application Form. and if you pass the screen, your account will be given the Author role, and you will receive an email and links to get into the Author panel. and start your journey as a part-time author, claim tasks, and write.

Author Edit Panel

There are lots of subsites in WentChina, and different subsites have different task lists, you can sign in with one account, and find the tasks you want to do.

3, Claim task

Click the “Dashboard” and find the “Posts To Do List“, You will see the tasks list, you can choose the task you want to do and assign it to you.

Claim Task-Assign to me

Notice: The author can’t unassign tasks, so don’t assign what you won’t write.

4, Writing the post

After assign the task to yourself, you can click the”Write it”, and start to edit your post.

Write Post
Write Post

Notice: You can use the Block editor to add content. Remember to save the draft on the top right, and don’t Publish

5, Set pending to review

If you finished your posts, please set the post “Pending review”, our admin will review your post and publish it.

Pending Review
Pending Review

6, Published and get money

You can find your post status in the posts list, if you find it published. you can go to admin(Wechat or Email) to settle the commission, or you can accumulate lots of posts together to calculate the commission.

Post Status
Post Status

and then you should check the “Mark as done”.

Mark as done
Mark as done

That is all about Author writing posts and getting money, are you interested in it? Sign up and apply for it, we are waiting for you.

If you have any other questions, please contact us directly or just put your comments below.

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  1. Hello I am a student at university of electronic science and technology of China and I would love to know more about the essay writing gig. Hope to hear from you soon.xx

    • Hi, Emuye, read the content carefully, sign up and fill out the application form, we will touch you soon.😁

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